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Is your home ready for the winter?

December 12 2022

As the weather and temperatures continue to dip into the below freezing range, we just wanted to remind you to be sure to take a moment and do a “once over” outside your house. Ensure that your garden hoses are detached, yard ornaments / equipment are properly stored, pipes are properly covered, as well as […]

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Fall & Winter driving

December 5 2022

As fall comes to an end and winter begins to set in, so do many other driving challenges that we have to worry about. Not only do we have to worry about the weather and elements that are changing, but we also need to worry about the amount of daylight and how quickly it gets […]

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Thanksgiving Traveling Tips

November 18 2022

Wednesday and Thursday are two of the biggest travel days in the US. AAA is predicting that approximately 48.3 million people will head out in their vehicles and hit the roads this Thanksgiving. This is a holiday that is notoriously known for its travel woes, so we want to be sure that you are prepared. […]

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Account for Daylight Saving Time

November 4 2022

Remember to account for Daylight saving time as clocks and schedules will need to be adjusted.   For Fall we “Fall Back” therefore we set our clocks back 1 hour. Enjoy the extra hour of sleep this weekend!

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Some helpful Halloween Tips!

October 28 2022

Here are a few tips that we put together that can help ensure a fun, happy, and safe Halloween! Drivers – please be alert and attentive and watch for people that may be out Trick-or-Treating. If you are handing out candy, please be sure to have your home and pathways lit up as much as […]

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Local Notary, Title, Tag

October 21 2022

Are you in need of notary, title, or tag services? We are a locally owned and operated authorized PennDot Online Messenger service! We have proudly been serving the Poconos, Slate Belt and Lehigh Valley regions since 1972. We have many professionally trained notary staff members available to help you.   If you have questions about […]

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We have Insurance Options for You!

October 14 2022

We offer a wide variety of insurance options from Vehicle Insurance, Business Insurance, Life Insurance, Homeowners Insurance, and more.  We have multiple solutions, policies, and competitive pricing available. How? We are unique as we can offer a wide range of services that other name brand insurance carriers cannot offer. We work with many different insurance […]

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Driving conditions for new seasons

October 7 2022

As we look and feel outside, it is a gentle reminder that the seasons and weather are changing. Fall and Winter and the elements that come with them can make driving difficult at times and can present us with unexpected delays. Now is the perfect time to ensure that you are ready and prepared for […]

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A useful app for Preparedness Month

September 30 2022

We hope that you have enjoyed our post series on National Preparedness Month and found it useful. If you missed it, please look back through the last few posts on topics that we touched upon on how you can be ready in the event of an emergency. The website Ready.gov provides some amazing tools and […]

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Do you have an Emergency Kit ready?

September 23 2022

As we continue through National Preparedness Month, it’s a good reminder that although we cannot control what could happen, we can prepare ourselves properly in the event of an emergency. Having an emergency kit ready is something that takes a short amount of time but could make all the difference! If you do not have […]

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