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Are you properly protected?

April 17 2020

While these times surely are trying, knowing that you are protected, or covered properly, sure is a welcomed feeling.   We here at ABA Insurance Notary & Tag want to do our best to ensure that you feel that relief.  Give us a call today to discuss any insurance questions that you may have. www.abanotary.com […]

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Summertime insurance needs

July 12 2019

It’s summertime and we know what that means.  Along with the heat comes longer days, and more time outside playing.  Have you been thinking about, or have recently purchased a pool or trampoline?  Did you check with your insurance company to see about what you need to do to ensure proper coverage? Maybe it’s time […]

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Getting a pool soon?

April 26 2019

Thinking of getting a pool this year?  Do you know if that is covered under your policy?  When making decisions like this, just give us a call to ensure the proper steps are taken to keep you fully covered. www.abanotary.com

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Home business office

March 1 2019

Do you have a home business?  Did you know that your standard homeowners policy may provide limited coverage for business property that is stored in your home?  We would be glad to speak to you about your current policy and show you what we could do for you and your business. www.abanotary.com 610-588-3030  

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Homeowners Insurance or Renters Insurance

February 8 2019

Buying a home, looking to build, or renting can be a headache.  The last thing you need to worry about is finding a Homeowners insurance or renters policy that meets your needs.  At ABA we have you covered, quite literally! 610-588-3030  

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Shopping around?

December 17 2018

Are you shopping around to see about insurance and policies?  Fill out a contact form, we would be glad to speak with you to see how we can help or earn your business.  http://abanotary.com/contact.html or call 610-588-3030

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Local Insurance Company

September 28 2018

Stay local!  Now more so than ever in our crazy digital world we are finding more people that prefer to deal with a local business.  We are here to help you, guide you, and continue to advise you! Stop on down today and see how we can help you with one of our many insurance […]

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Insurance happens.

September 14 2018

In the insurance business “things happen”. Unexpected things, things that we never want to happen, and things that can make your day do a 180. Are you comfortable with the company you’re putting that much trust in? ABA is here for you!  Call 610-588-3030

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Flood Insurance

September 6 2018

Hurricane season is here.  Do you currently have Flood Insurance?  Not sure what it does or if you even need it?  Well, did you know that Flood Insurance is completely separate from your Homeowners Insurance? Did you also know that your Homeowners Insurance will not cover any type of “flood” related issues?  Any type of […]

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Insurance near me

August 31 2018

Your property, vehicle, family, and business we have it all covered for you!  Call today or visit our website for a Free consultation www.abanotary.com 610-588-3030

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