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September 28 2018

Stay local!  Now more so than ever in our crazy digital world we are finding more people that prefer to deal with a local business.  We are here to help you, guide you, and continue to advise you! Stop on down today and see how we can help you with one of our many insurance […]

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Insurance happens.

September 14 2018

In the insurance business “things happen”. Unexpected things, things that we never want to happen, and things that can make your day do a 180. Are you comfortable with the company you’re putting that much trust in? ABA is here for you!  Call 610-588-3030

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Flood Insurance

September 6 2018

Hurricane season is here.  Do you currently have Flood Insurance?  Not sure what it does or if you even need it?  Well, did you know that Flood Insurance is completely separate from your Homeowners Insurance? Did you also know that your Homeowners Insurance will not cover any type of “flood” related issues?  Any type of […]

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Insurance near me

August 31 2018

Your property, vehicle, family, and business we have it all covered for you!  Call today or visit our website for a Free consultation www.abanotary.com 610-588-3030

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Dry now, but rain causes slippery roads

July 27 2018

With the past weather, and our upcoming forecast, rain can cause slippery driving conditions. The first 10 minutes of a rainfall it typically the most dangerous. The oils on the road and the rain mix together, which can cause a slick surface.  So be sure to always be alert and aware when driving in the […]

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Insurance Options

May 17 2018

We offer insurance coverage for both your personal and business needs.  From homeowners insurance to life insurance to commercial/business insurance we have a variety of insurance options available.

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