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Save money on your insurance

April 21 2023

Why choose ABA Insurance Notary & Tag for your insurance needs? We have an advantage over many of the brand name insurance carriers out there. When you call brand name companies, they give you a quote based solely on what their company offers. At ABA Insurance we deal with many different insurance companies, and shop […]

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Safely driving during holidays

September 2 2022

Anytime a holiday is close, it is always a reminder to be extra alert. While you may be a safe, responsible, and reliable driver, the person in the other lane or on the other side of the road may not be!   Please drive safe during this Labor Day weekend!

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Difference in insurance companies

June 3 2022

The difference when you choose ABA Insurance Notary & Tag to handle your insurance needs is that we do not force you to go with one company. We are unique in that we can offer a wide range of services that other name brand insurance companies cannot. Ultimately this results in a better plan for […]

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Life Insurance and your family

October 1 2021

Protect and guard your future with a Life Insurance plan that is best suited for your family’s needs. To get started and to learn which plan will work best for you, and your family, call 610-588-3030

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Life Insurance for Seniors

August 27 2021

Are you over 65 and have a life insurance plan that is, or may be, expiring soon? We get asked often: “What are my options?” Life insurance is affordable right now for seniors over age 65. Choosing the right product and company is a decision that shouldn’t be left to chance. Call us to speak […]

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When should you buy life insurance

June 26 2020

We get asked often – “When should I consider buying life insurance?” Our answer always remains the same.  The younger, the better!  While many do not think about purchasing life insurance until they are older, the optimal age would be right at birth.  Life insurance is age banded.  For each year you wait, that policy […]

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Thank you for supporting local

May 29 2020

Being a small local company, we rely much on you as our customers, clients, friends, and family.  We rely on when you are so quick to mention us to a friend or someone that may need our services. We want to take a moment to Thank You personally.  Thank you for taking the time to […]

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When do I need Life Insurance?

February 7 2020

“When should I consider getting life insurance?”   This is a question we get asked a lot, many people are not sure when, or how to get life insurance.  Our answer is quite simple, the younger, the better!  We know it’s hardly on your mind, but technically right after birth would be the best time!  […]

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Your Life Insurance plan

January 10 2020

It’s a new decade!  Do you have life insurance?  Don’t let another decade go by without protection.  By getting a life insurance plan now, you can give your loved ones peace of mind. www.abanotary.com  

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Life insurance needed?

July 19 2019

Term Life Insurance, Whole Life Insurance, Universal Life Insurance.  Have you been looking for life insurance but unsure which is best for you?  By giving us a call we can sit down with you and explain which type of life insurance plan is best for you. Start by calling 610-588-3030.

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