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April 19 2024

Running a business can sometimes be very overwhelming. You may excel in some areas, but other areas like insurance can be confusing and you may have questions including: “Is my business properly insured?” “Do my company vehicles have the right policy?” “Does my business have the right coverage to protect my employees, and my business?” […]

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Business insurance needs

November 10 2023

Do you know if your business is properly insured? From your vehicles to the building, to the workers and more, having the right insurance can make all the difference! At ABA Insurance we work closely with our commercial accounts to ensure that their business is fully protected. For more call 610-588-3030.

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Home Business Insurance

September 29 2023

Do you own a home business? Did you know that you might not be fully covered, or that you may have limited coverage for your business? Some standard Homeowners Insurance Plans might provide a type of basic coverage. Although, most of the time we find that the coverage is nowhere near what you would need. […]

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The right insurance means all the difference

September 8 2023

Do you own a business? Is your business properly insured? Do you have coverage for your building? What about your company vehicles? Maybe you need product liability or workers’ compensation? The point is that there are so many different types and kinds of insurance needs for your business, it can be tough to know everything […]

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Save money on your insurance

April 21 2023

Why choose ABA Insurance Notary & Tag for your insurance needs? We have an advantage over many of the brand name insurance carriers out there. When you call brand name companies, they give you a quote based solely on what their company offers. At ABA Insurance we deal with many different insurance companies, and shop […]

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Workers’ Compensation Insurance

July 29 2022

We find that many business owners do not have Workers’ Compensation Insurance for their employees or that they don’t understand why they need it. You see Workers’ Compensation Insurance protects you as an employer from lawsuits that would take place from an accident that happened on the job. It also helps provide medical care, as […]

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Difference in insurance companies

June 3 2022

The difference when you choose ABA Insurance Notary & Tag to handle your insurance needs is that we do not force you to go with one company. We are unique in that we can offer a wide range of services that other name brand insurance companies cannot. Ultimately this results in a better plan for […]

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Operating a business from your home and insurance

May 23 2022

Do you have a business from your home? Did you know that your homeowners policy most likely does not provide coverage for business property? In some cases when it does, it’s most likely that your coverage limits are not high enough to protect it. We would suggest giving us a call so we can review […]

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Your business and snow

January 14 2022

Hey business owners! A friendly reminder of the extra work that is required this time of the year. If your business has “foot traffic” be sure to keep your sidewalks, exits, and entrances shoveled and salted. This ensures the safety of not only your customers, but also your employees.

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Business Insurance Policy

June 12 2020

Hey business owners, as you get back to business have things changed that may affect your business insurance policy?  Give us a call, we are here to discuss and answer any questions that you may have. www.abanotary.com 610-588-3030

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