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Unsure if you have Flood Insurance?

April 5 2024

Do you have Flood Insurance? We hear quite often something like: “I don’t have flood insurance for my home, but I have homeowners insurance!” The truth is that most Homeowners Insurance policies do not cover flood damage. This is why there are specific Flood Insurance policies, so if you live in a high flood area, […]

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Flood insurance questions

July 21 2023

With the recent storms that have come through our area, we want to remind people that flood insurance or flood coverage is not included in a homeowners insurance policy. Most policies in fact specifically exclude this. The only protection from water damage caused from a flood is to purchase a flood policy. If you are […]

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Difference in insurance companies

June 3 2022

The difference when you choose ABA Insurance Notary & Tag to handle your insurance needs is that we do not force you to go with one company. We are unique in that we can offer a wide range of services that other name brand insurance companies cannot. Ultimately this results in a better plan for […]

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Homeowner policy and flood options

February 11 2022

Between the rain and the warmer temperatures lately it’s a gentle reminder that Spring and rain are right around the corner. Many Homeowner Policies do not cover flood damage, so be sure you know if your policy does or does not. If you are not sure, give us a call at 610-588-3030.

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Flood insurance for flood damage

April 16 2021

It is April and we sure have seen a steady forecast of showers. A common mistake that many homeowners make is assuming that their Homeowners Insurance Policy also covers flood damage. Flood damage is not included in homeowners insurance, you would need a separate Flood Insurance policy. For any questions that you may have on […]

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Flood Insurance

August 7 2020

This past week we have seen many incidents of Homes and Businesses that have been affected by Tropical Storm Isaias.  Don’t wait to find out that you were not covered properly by not having Flood Insurance.  Many people are unaware that Flood Insurance is a separate type of insurance that is needed.  Give us a […]

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Are you properly protected?

April 17 2020

While these times surely are trying, knowing that you are protected, or covered properly, sure is a welcomed feeling.   We here at ABA Insurance Notary & Tag want to do our best to ensure that you feel that relief.  Give us a call today to discuss any insurance questions that you may have. www.abanotary.com […]

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Flood Insurance vs Homeowners Insurance

October 17 2019

Remember, we are still in what many consider to be our hurricane season here in PA. Be sure to have a good understanding of what the difference between homeowners insurance and flood insurance is.

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Locally operated & Family Owned

October 7 2019

Come see the advantage of dealing with a Local Family owned business here at ABA Insurance Notary & Tag.  We have been in business since 1972 and always have your best interests in mind. Not only will you be able to use our 47 years of experience to your advantage, but we also deal with […]

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Flood insurance needs?

May 31 2019

Has the recent rain left you wondering if you are in need of flood insurance?  At ABA, we can provide you with a no obligation quote. For more visit www.abanotary.com 610-588-3030

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