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Vehicle Title Transfer near me

September 15 2023

Do you need to transfer a vehicle title? As an authorized PennDOT Online Messenger, we take the hassle away. Our goal is to have you in and out and on your way because we know your time is valuable.

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Title and Tag transfers and services

August 4 2023

Have you recently sold or bought a car and need to transfer your title? We are an authorized PennDot Online Messenger and can quickly handle your title transferring needs. If you have any questions please call 610-588-3030

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Notary, Title, and Tag Services

July 14 2023

Are you looking for notary or tag services? We are professionally trained and our staff does a great job of getting you in, out, and on your way as quickly as we can! If you are in need of our services then be sure to stop down or call! Just a reminder that we are […]

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Notary services are available

May 19 2023

If you are planning to privately buy or sell your motorized vehicle, you will need a way to transfer the title. That’s where we come in! We are professionally trained and an authorized PennDot Online Messenger.   For questions visit http://abanotary.com/notary-tag-services.html or call 610-588-3030.

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Notary, Tag, Title services near me

April 14 2023

Are you in need of notary or tag services? We have the experience and knowledge to get you in and out and on your way! Please remember to bring a Photo ID or valid driver’s license, paperwork, current insurance and payment. If you have any questions, feel free to call ahead at 610-588-3030.

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Watercraft Titles and Insurance

February 10 2023

Are you starting to think about spring? Do your spring plans include purchasing a boat this year? We can help with that! From title transfer, trailer registration, to insurance we can handle it all. If you have any questions, feel free to call 610-588-3030.

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A new year brings on new changes

January 6 2023

New year, new (used) car? At ABA Notary we have all of your paperwork covered. Come to ABA Notary for everything from plates to title transfer, and even car insurance! Please call ahead to ensure that you have all the documentation and paperwork needed 610-588-3030.

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Local Notary, Title, Tag

October 21 2022

Are you in need of notary, title, or tag services? We are a locally owned and operated authorized PennDot Online Messenger service! We have proudly been serving the Poconos, Slate Belt and Lehigh Valley regions since 1972. We have many professionally trained notary staff members available to help you.   If you have questions about […]

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Safely driving during holidays

September 2 2022

Anytime a holiday is close, it is always a reminder to be extra alert. While you may be a safe, responsible, and reliable driver, the person in the other lane or on the other side of the road may not be!   Please drive safe during this Labor Day weekend!

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Title, Tag, and Notary Services

July 8 2022

Can you believe that since 1972 we have been performing notary, title, and tag services? We have seen and helped sign over more vehicles, snowmobiles, trailers, mopeds, motorcycles, boats and RVs than we can count! To view our notary and tag services please visit http://www.abanotary.com/notary-tag-services.html

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