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Driving safely in bad weather

February 1 2019

Between the snow, cold weather, winds, and then warmer temperatures melting, and then freezing everything over again, please remember to safe. Driving conditions during this time of the year can become tricky.  Should you have any questions regarding your insurance policy visit us at www.abanotary.com

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Travel Safely in the snow

January 18 2019

With the current weekend forecast, remember to check the weather prior to going out or driving.  If you must go out during our upcoming storm please travel with caution and safely. For any of your insurance needs or questions www.ABANotary.com is here.

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Shopping around?

December 17 2018

Are you shopping around to see about insurance and policies?  Fill out a contact form, we would be glad to speak with you to see how we can help or earn your business.  http://abanotary.com/contact.html or call 610-588-3030

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Apportion Registration here

December 10 2018

We’re here for your Insurance & Notary needs including Apportion Registration, just give us a call.  We also offer availability to apply for a USDOT # and MC #   For more visit http://abanotary.com/apportion-registration.html

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Winter Weather

November 16 2018

With winter weather upon us, it’s more important than ever to travel with caution.  A fender bender, black ice or a deer jumping out can happen in moments, and having auto insurance coverage gives you peace of mind incase the unexpected happens.  If you’re in need of auto insurance we would be glad to assist […]

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Local Insurance Company

September 28 2018

Stay local!  Now more so than ever in our crazy digital world we are finding more people that prefer to deal with a local business.  We are here to help you, guide you, and continue to advise you! Stop on down today and see how we can help you with one of our many insurance […]

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Wet roads, fallen leaves

September 21 2018

Fall begins tomorrow!  That’s right, Autumn Equinox is Saturday September, 22nd.  How does this affect you or driving? Fall in our area means wet roads and falling leaves which can cause loss of traction for your vehicle.  Take a minute out of your day to walk around your vehicle and self inspect your tires, you […]

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Insurance happens.

September 14 2018

In the insurance business “things happen”. Unexpected things, things that we never want to happen, and things that can make your day do a 180. Are you comfortable with the company you’re putting that much trust in? ABA is here for you!  Call 610-588-3030

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Insurance near me

August 31 2018

Your property, vehicle, family, and business we have it all covered for you!  Call today or visit our website for a Free consultation www.abanotary.com 610-588-3030

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Family owned since 1972

August 24 2018

Did you know that ABA Insurance Notary & Tag has been family owned and operated since 1972? That is over 46 years of being able to serve, help, assist, and insure many throughout the Lehigh Valley and NEPA regions.  Do you use ABA? If not, visit us today to get started www.ABANotary.com

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