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Is your holiday house checklist done?

December 17 2021

Can you believe that Christmas is just a week away?! Before the family visits, or you visit family, be sure to check your own list once or twice. Make sure your electrical outlets, both indoor and outdoor, are safe. Make sure you have all of those “winter” items handy (shovel, ice salt, boots, gloves, and […]

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Homeowner risks during Halloween

October 29 2021

Hey Homeowner – are you excited to be able to hand out candy this Halloween? Be sure to have a clear and well lit path for all the princesses, ghouls, goblins, skeletons, and superheroes that will be walking through your yard! Happy Halloween Weekend!

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Fall House Preparation

October 15 2021

Fall is here and it is time to prepare for the upcoming next few months of weather and precipitation. Keeping up on the small and big things around your home goes a long way to help prevent other problems from arising. These items include properly cleaning your gutters to help prevent clogging, backups or overflow […]

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Protecting your home investment

September 21 2021

Your home may just be the biggest investment that you make in your life!   At ABA Insurance Notary & Tag we want to make sure that this investment is properly protected. Allow our years of knowledge and experience to work in your favor. From the small things, to the big risks that could occur, […]

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Homeowners Insurance cover outages

July 9 2021

This time of year brings frequent isolated thunderstorms that come with high winds. Living in an area that is surrounded with trees can sometimes cause power outages for multiple hours. One of the worst feelings as a homeowner is losing power after you just stocked your fridge or having appliances not operate due to electrical […]

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Is your home insured properly?

June 25 2021

Are you purchasing or building a home? Choosing the right homeowners insurance provider is equally as important as finding the right home. At ABA we make the process much easier. Feel free to call to discuss how we can help. 610-588-3030

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Pools and insurance

June 11 2021

Schools are finishing up for the year and summer days are upon us. For many that may mean the addition of a pool. Do you know if your homeowners plan currently offers coverage for that? When making decisions like these it is always best to give us a call to be sure you are properly […]

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Are you properly protected?

April 17 2020

While these times surely are trying, knowing that you are protected, or covered properly, sure is a welcomed feeling.   We here at ABA Insurance Notary & Tag want to do our best to ensure that you feel that relief.  Give us a call today to discuss any insurance questions that you may have. www.abanotary.com […]

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Summertime insurance needs

July 12 2019

It’s summertime and we know what that means.  Along with the heat comes longer days, and more time outside playing.  Have you been thinking about, or have recently purchased a pool or trampoline?  Did you check with your insurance company to see about what you need to do to ensure proper coverage? Maybe it’s time […]

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Getting a pool soon?

April 26 2019

Thinking of getting a pool this year?  Do you know if that is covered under your policy?  When making decisions like this, just give us a call to ensure the proper steps are taken to keep you fully covered. www.abanotary.com

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