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Grilling tips

Friday, June 10th, 2022

The weather is great and like many summer traditions, grills will be back in action!

While grills are a great way to cook, you also want to be sure that you properly use your grill. We put together some tips to help ensure that you have a fun and safe grilling summer.

*Remember to properly inspect your grill and secure all connections and inspect your propane hose (if you have a propane grill).

*Properly clean your grill thoroughly prior to using it.

*Keep your grill clean throughout the year but remove any grease or fat buildup (check the drain pan if your grill has one).

*All grills should be used outdoors / outside, and grills should also have a clear surrounding around and above.

*Before lighting your grill, open the lid and inspect to ensure that your grill is clear from debris.

*Keep children and pets away from your grill while in use.

*Never leave your grill unattended.


We shared these important safety tips for a few reasons – the National Fire Protection Association has estimated that 64% of people have a gas or charcoal grill. They estimate that 10,600 fires are started each year directly caused by grills. These fires have caused an estimated $149 million dollars in direct property damage.

So please follow these important safety tips and we hope you have a great year grilling!

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