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Avoid the DMV lines

June 6 2024

Do you want to avoid long lines? You can avoid going to the DMV and instead have some vehicle services completed right here at ABA Insurance, Notary & Tag. We are an authorized PennDot Online Messenger which allows us to provide many vehicle services. So, avoid waiting or standing in long lines and allow us […]

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Motorcycle drivers and insurance

May 31 2024

It is that time of the year to get out your motorcycle and enjoy the weather and being on the road! Making sure that you are properly insured is our job, so give us a call to discuss policies, rates, and coverage. 610-588-3030

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We have insurance options for you and your family

May 24 2024

Life always has its highs, lows, and curveballs. One thing we do not know is when they will come. But the good news is that we can prepare and do something about it now, that is what insurance is for! Policies including homeowners, automobile, flood, life, umbrella, business and others can help protect you when […]

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Insuring your summer toys

May 7 2024

It is almost that time of the year during which all the “toys” come out. From boats to jetskis, we can find the right policy for your watercraft so that you can spend more time on the water and less time worrying! To begin, call 610-588-3030.

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Tag, Title, and Notary services

April 26 2024

We offer title, tag, as well as other notary services. If you are in need of any of these services and have questions, or need to know what information you need to bring, please call 610-588-3030.

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We offer business insurance

April 19 2024

Running a business can sometimes be very overwhelming. You may excel in some areas, but other areas like insurance can be confusing and you may have questions including: “Is my business properly insured?” “Do my company vehicles have the right policy?” “Does my business have the right coverage to protect my employees, and my business?” […]

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In need of Title Transfer services?

April 12 2024

Do you need a new plate, or are looking to transfer your vehicle because you just privately sold it? At ABA Insurance Notary & Tag we offer services including online services, title transfers, registration, and much more. Visit http://abanotary.com/notary-tag-services.html for a list of these services.

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Unsure if you have Flood Insurance?

April 5 2024

Do you have Flood Insurance? We hear quite often something like: “I don’t have flood insurance for my home, but I have homeowners insurance!” The truth is that most Homeowners Insurance policies do not cover flood damage. This is why there are specific Flood Insurance policies, so if you live in a high flood area, […]

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Looking to add your teen to your auto insurance?

March 26 2024

Are you preparing for your teen to be driving soon? Auto Insurance sure can be tricky, but we’re here to help! Give us a call so we can discuss adding your teenager onto your insurance plan 610-588-3030

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St. Patrick’s Day Travels

March 15 2024

St. Patrick’s Day will be here Sunday, and while it is not an official holiday many partake in celebrations and gatherings. We ask that you please be mindful and safe! Do not push your luck and drive responsibly!   Fun fact: More than 1 in 10 people in the US have ancestors from Ireland.

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