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What do I need to bring when coming in to transfer a vehicle title?
You will need to bring the title, current insurance information & valid Pennsylvania Drivers License.

How do I know if I have the proper insurance for my vehicle?
Car insurance premiums can vary based on things like your deductible, your age, the make and age of your car, your driving history, and the type of insurance you purchase. Your coverage limit is the maximum amount your policy will pay for each type of coverage you have.

At what age would you suggest getting life insurance?
The younger, the better. The optimal age for purchasing life insurance is technically right after birth. Life insurance is age-banded, which means that as each year passes, a policy becomes more expensive.

I have a home business; do I still need business insurance or does my homeowners cover that?
A standard homeowners insurance policy may provide limited coverage for business property that is stored in your home. Not every homeowners insurance policy provides coverage for business property, however, and even if yours does, the coverage limits may not be high enough to protect it.

Is flood insurance included with my homeowner’s insurance policy?
Flood insurance or coverage for a flood is not included in a homeowners insurance policy and is in fact specifically excluded. There is only one option for flood protection and that is to purchase a flood policy. Almost all insurance companies can write you a flood policy but the policy is underwritten though FEMA.

Do I need insurance for my boat? I only use it for a few months each year.
If you only use your boat a few months out of the year, you may wonder whether or not it's worth insuring off-season. Even though it's not in the water, you'll still need protection for when it's in storage, whether that's at home or somewhere else.

Do I need Workman's Comp Insurance for my employees?
To protect employers from lawsuits resulting from workplace accidents and to provide medical care and compensation for lost income to employees hurt in workplace accidents, in almost every state, businesses are required to buy workers compensation insurance.

I'm 65 years old and currently have term life insurance, I believe that my plan is expiring soon, what are my options?
Life insurance is very affordable right now for seniors over age 65. Choosing the right product and company is a decision that shouldn’t be left to chance. Call us to speak to a licensed agent who can answer all your questions free of charge.


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